Coronavirus (Covid-19) is one of the deadliest epidemics of the 21st century. The outbreak has continued to wreak havoc and fear to many countries around the world.

Currently (Feb,2020) there are over 72,000 reported cases of coronavirus in Mainland china. Sadly , over 1,800 calamities have occurred through the period.

However, it is not all tears as there is a glimmer of hope as a new report shows that China is reducing its carbon emission by 100 million metric tonnes.

The report , which was provided by the  nonprofit Carbon Brief postulates that the reduced travel, homestay and dwindling economic activity has significantly reduced the emissions.

While comparing the 2019 400 metric tonnes of emissions to the 2020 300 million tonnes , the difference has been noted to occur within and after the 10 days of the chinese lunar new year. Below is a report of coal consumption in China.

Furthermore, coal, one of China’s leading pollutant , has fallen to an astronomical low. This means that coal contamination of the atmosphere has reduced at an alarming rate as there is no demand for its use. Below is a depiction of the amount of 1 to 4 days of coal utilisation in China.

The empty streets and reduced transportation has also seen a huge decline in emission and demand for industrial consumption of energy. Lack of workers has seen reduced need for coal energy generation for oil refining and steel making.

The annual drop of emission is expected to drop by 1 percent as the calamity continues. However, this is not guaranteed as there is constant demand for energy as people continue to stay indoors.

Let’s continue to hope for the best for the coronavirus victims