One of the biggest water catchment areas and the lungs of our planet is under siege. The Amazon forest , has been having an unfortunate turn of events in the last decade.

The Amazon, just before, it recovers from the immense fire , has faced a dry spell with little or no rain.

However, the forest is under the watch of fierce teenagers of the Arara-Karo indigenous community  who are willing to lay down their lives to prevent further destruction to the forest.

According to a report by the BBC, the Arara-Karo indigenous community was saddened by the deteriorating condition of the Amazon.  Due to this , the teenage girls are willing to fight até à morte , which means to death.

The constensted occupation of the Amazon has seen the natives come at loggerheads with illegal farmers, loggers and poachers who want to drain the resources of the forest.

Teenagers will fight to death to save the amazon
Indigenous tribes of the Amazon

The Brazilian government, on the other hand, is not yet out of the woods yet 🙂 as their policies are facing numerous resistance from environmentalists and native tribes.

The brazilian government proposed the scrapping of the indigenous people special rights and culture. The policy seeks to integrate the natives with other communities and use their land for mining and other commercial purposes.

The Arara-Karo teenagers will not relent until the Amazon retains its former glory.