Despite huge migrations seen flying over florida, bird populations all over the world have been declining significantly.

Several reports have been published citing the alarming drop in population of various bird species.

The India State of Bird’s 2020 report has reported a sharp decline in the numbers of eagles, vultures, warblers and migrating shorebirds. The decline has been intensified over the last two decades.

The decline has been attributed to habitat loss, collisions and climate change. In Chicago,Illinois , many of the birds have come to their demise after colliding with buildings.

 According to MD Madhusudan, the co-founder of  Nature Conservation Foundation,

In the long-term trend assessment, there was appropriate data available only for 261 species, of which 52% had declined [in numbers]. For current trends, there was data only for 146 species, of which [numbers of] nearly 80% were declining

This shows there is continuous clash between climate change, human activities and bird survival. This comes after many birds are affected my continued pollution.