We all have that special someone we will be spending valentine’s with. It’s a special day that celebrates the sacrifice of love shown by the legendary Saint Valentines.

The feast of valentines has been celebrated since the year 270 of the 3rd century. We all have come to know it as a day you shower love to all the people and sometimes the items we love.

On the other hand, we also love the earth and would love to show it love by reducing pollution.Due to this , here are some green and clean insights on how to spend your valentines.

All Green Date Setting

The most important thing on valentines is spending time with your special person. One of the most common ideas is going out to a fancy restaurant for a romantic date.

However, these dates are not only expensive but very harmful to environment. Imagine millions if not billions of people in restaurants, motels and at home having dinner all at the same time.

The dates utilise power and furthermore, the remains that will be discarded after the date. Billions of bottles (alcohol, water and other beverages) will be thrown out amongst wrappings and food leftovers.

Wild Date setting

Here is the good news though, a green dinner setting will be ideal to not only show how much you love the other person but also the planet. To reduce energy usage, a candlelit dinner will very romantic and eco friendly. Furthermore, the date can be done during the day when the sun offers natural lighting. This will also enable to see your partner very clearly.

secondly using recyclable utensils, which include the bottles will make the plastic choked turtles very happy. The date can be done in the wild and will reduce the need to for single roses that will be ultimately thrown away after they wilt.

Engage in Couples Conservation Activities

Green Movement organisations could always use a helping hand. You and your loved ones can engage in activities such as recycling, tree planting and awareness creation as you celebrate.

It may seem unusual but planting a tree together to mark your valentines date will not only be satisfying but will help root your relationship deeper. Also instead of buying that bouquet of flowers, send them a virtual card and e-gift they can redeem to buy some eco friendly products.

Propose or get Engaged, If you HAVEN’T

I know you are wondering how this will help #savetheplanet. Give me a moment to explain, an estimated 70 percent increase in condom sales will happen in the valentines period. This means that many people , most who are not engaged will use a condom as a form of contraception. Secondly, many heartbroken people will engage in unwanted sexual behaviour that requires use of the use of condoms in the coming few weeks or year.

Millions of condoms will be used during valentines by single and people in unsure relationships. Commiting to one or more partners will create a safe space for sex reducing condom use in the coming years.

Proposing will mean that condom use is reduced. Therefore, all the wrap, the single use latex and packaging will be out of the picture! Hey , you truly love them? Propose and share the love!

Valentines day is both sad and happy , but if we don’t protect the planet we will end up not seeing another day to celebrate those we love.