Climate change has claimed one of the highest peak in Sweden. The Kebnekaise peak is one of the many peaks in the Scandinavian mountains. The Scadinavian mountains have been made of two major  summits, the northern and southern. The Kebnekaise peak is part of the southern summit. The summit is has now lost its glory that has lasted for years after it melted and is now shorter than the other peaks.

For the last half a century , the Kebnekaise peak has lost over 20 meters (65 feet) of its ice peak, which was over 60 meters (197 feet). It now stands at 2,095.6 meters (6875 feet) compared to the 2,096.8 meters of the northern peak, which is a 1.4 meter (4.6 feet) difference.

Kebnekaise mountain
The Melted Kebnekaise mountain

The melting of the icecap has been a result of the raging global temperatures that have been affecting the world. Sweden has experienced its hottest year in 2018. The loss of Sweden’s Highest peak has come just after Iceland commemorated the melted Okjokull glacier.