Hair and the environment? You probably think this is a mistake. BUT no, your routine haircut is saving the environment.

How is a haircut good for the environment?

Millions of people around the world spend millions of dollars to keep their hair kempt and neat. The easiest way is not to use expensive hair products but but a simple hair cut and trim. Due to this , there are millions of tonnes of hair cuttings and trimming are swept off the floor of the barber or salon. You probably think that the hair is discarded or sent of to make wigs, but you may be wrong.

Here are some ways that hair is recycled and used to reduce contamination in the environment

Hair is used to clean oil spills

One of the most eco friendly use for cut hair is to clean the oil spill mess created by oil corporations. Oil spills occur whenever tankers pour their contents in the environment.  Over the last few decades there have been numerous oil spills that left the ecosystem struggling to get back on its feet.

Oil can cause death of both plant and animals as it inhibits breathing  and movement. Furthermore, when ingested , it causes severe internal damage which may eventually cause death.

For years, oil spills have been cleaned in very mundane ways. All the methods used to clean oils spills are damaging and often do not clean up the entire mess.

Cutting Your Hair is Saving the Environment
Old methods of Cleaning oil spills

However, thanks to the hydrophobic nature of oil, its able to stick to hairs. As discovered by Phillip McCrory , when oil gets into contact with hair , it sticks to it and can be removed from the surface.

Phillip McCrory, who was located in Alabama, discovered the use of the unique properties of oil and made a simple invention using his wife’s pantyhose and hair trimmings from his salon. His unique invention has been tried and used to effectively clean oil spills.

You many not have enough hair to clean up an entire ocean but it can be fun DIY to do at home .

How to make an oil spill cleaner at home

  1. Select a good location in your house and lay a tarp or cloth
  2. Place seat or chair on the tarp, this will help in collecting the hair
  3. Get someone to trim or shave your hair
  4. Step 3 can be repeated for others
  5. Collect the hair into a lump, make sure to use gloves to prevent hair sticking to your hands
  6. Get a pantyhose or stocking
  7. Fit the hair into the pantyhose or stocking
  8. Tie at the ends of the panty hose
  9. The oil spill cleaner is ready for use

The pantyhose oil spill cleaner can be used to clean accidental spills in the kitchen or garage. Making it not only recycles the hair but also reuses old stockings that would have been thrown out!

Also , its not only a fun project but a good opportunity to teach children about the dangers of oil spills.

Hair is an essential part of the human body. It makes people feel confident. If you are wondering how you can help to this cause and maybe make someone smile, you can donate your hair to wigs for kids