#covid-19 is here. The global pandemic has affected over 1 million people globally , with the highest numbers being witnessed in the united states and china.

As a measure to combat the spread of the virus, many governments and health institutions have advised their citizens to stay at home. The stay at home analogy seeks to reduce contact and further contamination of public places. The stay at home order has seen companies urge their employees to work remotely.

However, many people are used to having the freedom to move to one point to another. Thus, the stay at home order has left many of these people with excessive time on their hands. Many have taken to social media to view or make content, while others may be stuck in a rut.

But, all is not boredom and endless videos online. Here are a few simple , fun and environmentally friendly ways to spend the many hours as we stay at home;

Planting and Growing

Plants are good for the both the health of our planet and lungs. During the many hours spent indoors and within our compounds, planting various flora will be a healthy and environmentally friendly way to pass the time.

If you have a back yard or any viable space, you can grow various plants both for decoration and nutrition value. For instance, if you have a big backyard or enough space, you can grow fruit trees. The space between the trees can be optimized to grow other smaller plants such as vegetables and shrubs.

Backyard gardening
Backyard gardening

On the other hand, you may be wondering , what if i don’t have much space? Or live in an apartment? Well, we have just the right solution for you. Small or no space is not supposed to hinder you from spending time with plants. Infact, small spaces require more plants than large spaces! If you have a small compound or no space, you are not limited, remember those old plastic containers that you no longer use? Well it’s time to reuse them.

Containers can be used to propagate and grow all types of plants ranging from decorative and edible ones. Growing plants in containers is easy because you only have to water and let it grow. Also , containers retain water for long therefore daily watering is not required.

The containers can be placed outdoors in the patio or inside. Containers placed outside can be used to grow small plants such as strawberry and even miniature orange trees. Furthermore, the containers can be used to grow various types of cactus and other indoor plants that clean indoor air.

Fruit Trees Growing in teh Backyard
Fruit Trees Growing in the Backyard

Growing plants will help clean indoor and outdoor air , while also keeping you busy. Also , you don’t have to the store to buy seeds, you can use seeds from fruits or plants  you already bought or order them online.

Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

Also , growing will also help you put home waste to good use . PS: scraps can be used as fertilizer or regrown.

Read a Book

Watching Netflix and other online material seems fun but it consumes a lot of energy and electricity. These devices however minimal have great negative impact on the environment. These devices get worn out and end up as e-waste in landfills. Furthermore, the amount of electricity used adds up to the carbon emission.

Reading a Book at Home
Reading a Book at Home

This can be avoided by reading a book. A book will not only add to your knowledge but also give you more ideas while passing time.


Keeping fit is another good way to keep fit and pass the time. Doing exercises such as yoga will not only ensure you maintain your health but can also foster good relationships when done with family.

Exercise doesn’t require much , just needs dedication!

Play Indoor Games and DIY

You are not farmer or book and exercise enthuthiast? Don’t worry, there is more. You can play games. There are very many board and physical games to keep everyone’s spirits high.

If games don’t cut it, Do-it-yourself activities can help. DIY projects can also help in recycling and reusing old items that would have be thrown out.

There are tons of things that can keep you entertained during this hard time. Ensure you try them all before you step out.#staysafe #stayathome