The government of Ireland has begun a lucrative campaign to plant over 400 million trees by the year 2040. This will translate to plant 22 million trees per year for 20 years! What an ambitious goal.

The planting of the 44o million trees is part of the Irish government program to ensure the country is carbon neutral by 2050.

According to the Irish time;

The initiative has already faced some opposition from farmers, who will need to be convinced to set aside some of their land for the trees to meet the government’s targets. But the government has championed the climate plan as an imperative step to safeguard the country’s economy against the worst impacts of global warming.

The news are in tandem with the report published by the The Crowther Lab of ETH Zurich that claimed that 0.9 billion hectares would be sufficient to reverse climate change.

However planting so much trees is a challenge as Ireland farmers are complaining while Britain is 70 percent short  of the tree planting target set for last year.