We all love those amazing Black Friday deals offered by almost all  shops, stores and restaurants. However, have you ever wondered how this long standing tradition has done to the environment?

How is Black Friday Affecting the Environment?

One of the things that make us excited for black friday are the many deals offered by many if not all stores, both online and physical shops. The amazing offers include upto 100 percent discounts.

Due to this , many people que and remain glued on their devices for the opportune time to purchase their most desired item. Here is a list of many ways in which black friday affects the environment , both directly and indirectly.


In 2019, consumers spent over $7.4 billion (£5.63 billion) to purchase various items, which mostly are electronics. Most of these products are packaged in material to prevent them from damage. The packaging material includes biodegradable cartons, styrofoam and plastic. However, this may not seem as a big problem until, millions of products are purchased.

Despite the many measures put in place to separate biodegradable and non recyclable plastic , the vast amount poses a serious problem of sorting and even recycling itself.

On the other hand, the human element also creates a problem in areas where illegal dumping is performed. Thus, the packaging material ends up in the environment.

Shipping Emissions

Most of the commonly purchased items are bought from online shops such as Amazon. Since Amazon is a online market place, items need to be shipped all over from their warehouses or sellers.

In order to keep consumers happy , offers such as same day delivery are offered and require products to be transported as quickly as possible either through air or road.

Road and Air transport have been flagged as one of the major contributors to carbon emissions. The increased purchases during black friday mean more frequent deliveries , thus more emissions.


Due to the many offers, Many people tend to buy new and sometimes unwanted items. However, one major problem remains, the old items need to be disposed to create space for the new ones. Despite many humanitarian efforts to donate, the millions of items still clog the system and some are disposed inherently.

Not only do people dispose the old ones but also the new ones that may have been damaged or purchased numerously. The risk of E-waste and other white goods becomes a phenomenon that the environment has to deal with.

However, all is not lost, Black friday is a tradition that has lasted for decades. Many of the consumers spend their  money purchasing items and products that are good for the environment such as this MagicPro Solar Lights Motion Sensor Solar Powered Light – 136 LED Outdoor Security Lighting for Porch, Garden, Driveway, Energy Saving, Durable and Waterproof White Light 2PK!  

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