Climate change has become a household name and concept. For the last few years,many campaigns have been launched to curb the ever deteriorating climatic conditions.

Many supporters of climate change movements have raised their voices and supported various causes. Furthermore, the call to #savetheplanet has become such an important role that it has become a major theme in movies.

Script writers, movie directors and actors such as Johnny Depp and many others have openly stated their stand against global warming. In light of this, climate change themes have been embedded in major blockbusters and TV series aired in theatres and online streaming services.

Here is a list of movies and TV shows highlighting climate change #savetheplanet

Good Omens

The 2019 TV-show aired on Amazon’s Prime is a revolutionary comedy that highlights the fate of the earth.  Based on a 1990’s Novel, the movie tells the story of how two fictional characters work together to prevent armagedon from occurring. The two characters, however, are from two opposite worlds , one is an angel while the other is a demon from hell.

Far away from the religion and constant wars between the two polar sides, the movie highlights the looming dangers of climate change. The angel ,Aziraphale, is constantly looking after the environment. He is depicted as an individual who is tidy and cares greatly for the environment. Aziraphale even collects trash and places it in its rightful place.

Furthermore, Aziraphale continually urges his nemesis come friend to keep his trash in the rightful place and avoid unnecessary dumping.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The critically acclaimed blockbuster is a leading campaigner for climate change. Since the first release of the Godzilla franchise, viewers are able to see the extremities that can be presented by radiation dumping.

The movie depicts two sides of humans. One group, led by scientists (Dr. Emma Russell,Dr. Ishirō Serizawa and Dr. Vivienne Graham) works towards understanding why the monsters have suddenly changed their behaviour.

On the contrary, Eco terrorists seeking teh destruction of the earth are at the fore front antagonising the works of the scientists. Due to the high radiation levels in the monster’s body , human existence is on the brink of destruction.

The Alpha monster, Godzilla , eventually ensures that the earth is safe and the scientists work towards improving the changes  in the earth’s crust and the planet as a whole.

The movie is a depiction of how dumping by humans plays a role in the destruction of the earth,


This Blockbuster film featuring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson highlights various issues regarding climate change and global warming. It is evident that one of the major causes of environmental damage is the earth itself.

The plot of the movie surrounds the life and work of Dr. Lawrence, a seismologist who discovers shifts in the faultline of San Andreas. Naturally occurring events are one of the major contributors to environmental degradation.

In the movie, the occurrence of the earthquake , causes a tsunami that not only kills thousands of people but also causes major environmental damage.

Shameless (US)

The American TV show aired on SHOWTIME not only highlights various issues of drug use and other social issues but also highlights  global warming and climate change.

In the recent Season 10, Episode 9 issues of climate change arise as the Gallaghers take into their usual activities. It’s refreshing to see the writers have also begun incorporating other issues affecting modern societies. The acknowledgment that climate change is as crucial as dealing with drug abuse is good for the future.

The Politician

This American comic-drama aired on Netflix also highlights various issues affecting climate change. Payton Hobart uses climate change as a tool to campaign for class president.

After he wins unceremoniously , Payton tries to persuade the school board to use sustainable ways to reduce water wastage around the campus. The movie, whose target audience is teens is very informative on the looming dangers of water wastage and the various solutions to be done to ensure we have a cleaner environment.

It is heartwarming to see mainstream media incorporating #savetheenvironment messages in their production. It is a step closer in achieving the IPCC 2030 goals on sustainable living.