Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, In the wake of 2020 has launched a new prestigious prize to promote climate change. The prize dubbed “Earthshot,” will be given to five deserving people for the next ten years.

Awarding the Earthshot award to the 50 people will not only provide answers to some of the most pressing climatic matters, but also improve the lives of the winners.

However, the award is not as unique as it was inspired by US president John F Kennedy’s ambitious “Moonshot” lunar programme, which also promised financial reprieve to the winners.

How to win the Earthshot Prize

For one to be eligible for this enticing prize, the individuals must promote new ways of addressing issues such as energy, nature and biodiversity, the oceans, air pollution and freshwater.

The Duke of Cambridge was inspired to back this awarded as he was awed by the deteriorating health of the earth. Prince William, who is second in line to the throne, commented that the earth was at its tipping point and id faced by a stark choice. The choice is to either continue with this self destructive path or use the unique humanly power to innovate , lead and solve problems.

However, this is just as teaser as the award is set to be officially launched later in the year. Climate change is a looming problem and the move by the queen’s grandson to award innovators has received tremendous support from both his family and the likes of Sir David Attenborough.

Let’s all join hands, not to win the prize, but more importantly to win back the health of our earth.