It is sad to see your loved ones die. It is even more sad to see the world die due to the adverse effects of climate change. The good news is , you can save the planet while also giving the best send off to our loved ones. Here are some of the most eco friendly last respect ideas that will keep you and your loved ones smiling.

  • Eco-coffins

Eco-coffins have  been reported to reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent. Burying one is an eco-friendly coffin is both stylish and good for the environment. Eco-coffins are made from biodegradable material that is easy to decompose. Unlike the conventional coffins, no trees will be cut to build the cast. Thus, not only will it be cheaper but also demonstrate the commitment to saving the planet. Some of eco-coffins are made from recycled papers , plant based materials such as papyrus reeds and easy to cultivate plants such as bamboo. Below are some of the most popular eco-coffins;

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  • Chemical Degradation

It may sound harsh to subject your loved one to chemical degradation. But chemical degradation of corpses is a futuristic and environmental friendly way to dispose bodies. There are over 2 million reported deaths in the United States alone. This means that there is a high demand for spaces to bury our departed. With the recent increase in urban areas , many more forests are being cleared to create more space for other productive activities. However, don’t worry about having to miss a spot or pay exorbitant fees to save a good spot to get buried. Chemical degradation is easy, cheap and fast.

Resomation is one the most popular ways to degrade corpses. The process of Resomation involves the use of alkaline chemicals to break down the body tissues and bones. This process reduces greenhouse emissions to  a whooping 35 percent! It also uses less than a third of the energy required for cremation. The residue can be stored in biodegradable urns or used as fertilizer. Here is an image depicting resomation;

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Also, you can use natural organic reduction through the process of frizzing. The process is so easy and turns the body into a natural powder which has the consistency of soil. You can keep the memory of loved one by using residue to grow your favorite tree!

  • Grow a Reef

Ever wondered how you can grow your own reef without all the fancy science? Turn the saddest day of your life into a happy project that will give back to the ecosystem forever. Over the last few years, coral reefs have been damaged and are declining in an alarming rate. Cremated ash and remains can be used to create coral reefs. The family can engage in this environmental friendly activity by creating an artificial reef where corals can grow. It will be a future proof and respectable way to support marine life with your loved ones. Also , coral reefs are beautiful and have been shown to reduce stress. Below is an image of a beautiful reef that can be grown using the remains.

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  • Green burials

There is no better send off than resting our loved ones in a serene and sustainable way. The entire burial ceremony can be themed to both create awareness and lay the body in a natural environment. You can conduct a green burial that uses eco friendly coffins , recyclable paper for the ceremony’s programs. The body can also be naturally buried to ensure maximum decomposition.

All in all, as we strive to live a green life , it is even better to use our bodies to give back to the environment that has cared for us for all of our lives.