New York’s 8.6 million people are at risk of being drowned by water due rising sea levels attributed to climate change. However, there is relief as the Army Corps of Engineers proposed a 9.7km (6-mile) wall to prevent Staten island being swept under a 9-foot water levels.

The Island is expected to be protected by the wall by 2025.

Why is Staten Island in Danger?

The fear of Staten island being drowned in water comes after the 2012 devastating results of superstorm Sandy. The storm engulfed New York in 130kmh (approx 80 mph) winds and 3 meters (9 feet) of water above the normal levels.

The storm destroyed property and killed 43 people from Staten island. Almost a decade later, Staten island is still deserted despite many buyout efforts by the government.

The climate change crisis is now looming and there is an expected rise in sea level.

The Solution?

The most viable solution is to build a 20 feet above sea level wall from Fort Wadsworth to Oakwood Beach. The project is expected to prevent the loss of $30 million (23.3 million pounds)  in damages per year. However, the project is not cheap , so far over $600 million has been set aside for the project.

Sea Level Increase is Forcing New York to Build $119 Billion Walls to Keep Water Out
Location of the Staten Wall

The wall is expected to take two decades to construct at a cost of $119 Billion (92.43 Billion pounds).  Furthermore, the United states is expected to spend $400 Billion in the next two decades to protect coastal cities.

The wall may not be as long as the wall of China , but it will prevent loss of property and life. Meanwhile #saveouroceans #savetheplanet #climatechange