We all love chocolate. It has that taste that can not be replaced by any other confectionery. What you did not know that the chocolate taste is only specific to cocoa powder derived from Theobroma cacao plant beans. The taste is even made more unique since cocoa plants can only grow in specific areas. These areas, mainly located in West Africa and Indonesia, have specific climatic conditions that support the growth of these trees.  In addition to the location within 10-20 degrees of the north and south of the equator, these plants require abundance in rain, humidity and soil nutrients.

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The Theobroma cacao Tree with Cacao pods

Here is the sad news, according to the 2014 report by Climate Change (IPCC) Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability , most countries are expected to acquire a 2.1°C (3.8 F)  increase in temperature by 2050. However, the problem does not lie in temperature increase but lack of the ideal humidity.

By 2050, evapotranspiration is expected to increase in these cacao growing areas.In other words, as higher temperatures squeeze more water out of soil and plants, it’s unlikely that there will be enough rainfall to compensate for the moisture loss. Such conditions are also expected to significantly reduce the land under cocoa production.

If there are no proper mitigating programs to reduce these effects of climate change, chocolate will only exist in our memories.